HOCO Dance


Student Requirements

You must NOT have been suspended or served more than one session in REFOCUS/INTRACT between September 12 -October 6, 2023, for first quarter. 


Girls – Semi-formal dress. May wear knee length dresses.

  • No mid-drift
  • No strapless
  • No two-pieces


Boys - Must wear shirt with collar and dress pants. Sport/suit coats are allowed.  

                                      *** NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON ***


SHOES: favorite sneakers or comfortable dress shoes


Additional Information


  • Only HMS students may attend the dance. 
  • Your Queen and court will be presented at the dance.
  • DJ/ Photo Booth
  • Refreshments will be sold.
  • No book bags.  The office phone will be available for emergencies.
  • The carpool rules will be followed for student pick-up after the dance.
  • All students will exit the dance via E-Hall doors and meet their ride in the everyday carpool area.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to walk home or meet their transportation in another area.
  • Mobile City Policemen will be on duty to assist with traffic and security.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to leave the dance early unless a parent/guardian (must be at least nineteen) comes into the dance and escorts them out.
  • Parents are invited to attend the call-out program.