Section VI



Grades K -8

The following information is provided to you regarding the Mobile County Public School System's Attendance Policy:


Every absence MUST have an excuse! Suspensions are unexcused absences.



No more than eight (8) days excused by parent notes per year.
Doctor's notes.
Head Lice: Only 3 days are excused. After the 3rd day, absences will be UNEXCUSED.
ALL EXCUSES MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS OF THE STUDENT'S RETURN TO SCHOOL. After the 3rd day, the absence is unexcused regardless of the reason for the absence.

Unexcused absences are NOT acceptable!   If your child has:

1 Unexcused absence - Parent/Guardian will receive a phone call or letter from the school.
2 Unexc used absences - Parent/Guardian will receive a phone call or letter from the attendance officer.
3 Unexcused absences -Parent/Guardian will receive a phone call or letter from the District Attorney's Office stating that this is the last warning before the legal system becomes involved.
5 Unexcused absences - Parent/Guardian will receive a letter stating that attendance is mandatory at the Early Warning Truancy Program.
7 Unexcused absences - A court petition can be filed on the parent and student.

Early Warning; Truancy Program:

Parent/Guardian's attendance is mandatory.
If the parent/guardian does not attend the Early Warning Truancy Program or the unexcused absences continue, a legal notice/petition to Juvenile Court will be processed.
School staff will continue to monitor the student's attendance.