Chronic Aliment Statement

Chronic Ailment Statement


  Physician's Statement of Illness

The parent/guardian of any student who has a chronic illness or condition that may cause the student  to miss school can provide  a Physician's Statement  of lllness  verifying  the child's  condition  and  that the absences  are necessary .

The Physician's Statement of Illness must be provided to the school at the beginning of each semester. The Physician's Statement of Illness will automatically expire at the end of the semester.

A copy of the Physician's Statement of Illness should be forwarded to the teacher, attendance officer and school nurse. The original should be filed in the cumulative folder and/or scanned into the student's DocuShare folder.
When the student is absent, the parent/guardian is required to send an excuse to explain why the student was absent.  If the absence is due to the condition stated in the Physician's Statement of Illness, the parent may simply write, "See doctor's letter". Failure of the parent/guardian to provide the school with excuses may result in unexcused absence accumulation and referral  to Juvenile Court.

Once the anticipated number of absences have been exceeded, and/or the requirement for returning to the physician's office  is met, a physician's excuse  will be required to return to school.

If at any time the administration or teacher questions a student's absences or the Physician's Statement of Illness,  please talk with your school  nurse to verify illnesses and follow  up.

The  Physician's Statement  of Illness should  include  the following:

Written on the physician's I medical office letterhead
Include signature of physician
List diagnosis
Offer anticipated number of absences (example: 3-4 days)
Inform us of requirement for returning to the physician's office (example: after 3 absences)
Provide list of any physical limitations the student may have in getting to school. (Example: late or absent on cold days below 50 degrees)