Chronic Aliment Letter

Dear Parents and Physicians/Health Care Providers,

To better serve our students and promote each child attending and participating in school, Ms. Peek and Dr. Bernard Eichold, Health Officer of Mobile County Health Department have been working together to address chronic illnesses and absences. We would like for all children to come to school each day ready to learn,however, some children often need to be late or absent due to medical conditions beyond their control.

To better assist in helping children remain in school unless absolutely necessary, we are changing our Chronic Aliment Statement protocol to a Physician's Statement of Illness protocol for the 2015-2016 school year. We will no longer provide parents with a Chronic Aliment Statement Form, but will now require the doctors/primary healthcare providers to communicate the chronic needs of students to us by individual letters. The letters will only remain actively on file for one semester. I have enclosed a copy of our new Physician's Statement of Illness protocol so you may fully understand what the letter must address and the Physician's Statement of Illness process. We are thriving to improve each child's school experience and provide quality health services when needed to remove barriers to learning. If I can be of further service please do not hesitate to call or email me at 251 221-4292 and


Wanda Hannon PhD, RN,MSN Supervisor of Health and Social Services 251 221-4292